Cherry Ice Cream

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  1. Hi Elaine,

    This is the perfect way to lengthen cherries' otherwise heartbreakingly short season. Enjoy cherries year round and in ice cream--oh, yeah, baby. Thanks for a luscious and calcium-rich treat!


    ps-I really need to buy an ice cream maker, don't I?

  2. Susan:

    You won't believe how easy it is to make ice cream. Also, we make sorbets in our Cuisinart and they're outstanding. Get one!

  3. great way to get your calcium.

  4. Looks like a good recipe Elaine...

  5. Where did I go wrong? I carefully followed the instructions, froze my bowl over night, churned for forty minutes and my concoction never thickened. I tried to freeze for a couple hours, still runny.

  6. Autumn: After a long time of making ice cream, one evening the ice cream would not thicken up in the bowl. We could not figure it out for the longest time. We used to make thick ice cream in 20 minutes and now, after half an hour, it would not thicken up. What turned out to be the problem was that we started keeping the freezer bowl out in the garage freezer, which froze meat and many other things just fine. What we did not realize was that it was not quite cold enough for the freezer bowl. No kidding. Moving it to the freezer in the kitchen fridge put it back to normal. Was weird but it was an ever so slight difference that made a big difference. Maybe something small like this is the problem. Good luck! I hope you can figure it out. If the freezer bowl is cold enough, you should be able to make ice cream just fine.

  7. Anonymous6/28/2009

    I love making ice cream and the only time it didn't freeze properly was when the custard wasn't cold enought before putting in the ice cream maker. If you can leave over night in the frig. it should freeze fine.

  8. Anonymous7/18/2009

    I also have the cuisinart. I figured out a clean dish towel folded and placed over the ice cream maker insulates the bowl and makes a better/quicker freeze! I tried it after one failure!

  9. Anonymous7/24/2009

    Clean dish towel remedy...Clarification needed: Do you put the dish towel over the bowl for the freezer phase--i.e., before you put it in the freezer? Or for the churn phase--i.e., when the bowl's on the counter and the paddle is churning?


  10. I believe it would be for the time when you're actually making the ice cream, to keep the freezer bowl cold on the counter. I'm going to try this, myself, because the colder the bowl, the faster you make ice cream!

  11. Anonymous6/05/2010

    Interesting that there's no egg yolk in the recipe. Looks good. I must try