Sausage with Peppers and Onions (Healthy Style!)

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  1. yummmmm!!! This looks amazing!

  2. Looks good - very colorful. I'd like to pile all of that into a nice big warm homemade piece of bread! :)

  3. Anonymous1/21/2009

    Great as usual, duly noted and should be on our stove sometime soon.
    By the way I want to say again how much I liked your artichoke post, your wonderful step by step photo guide to trimming those beautiful globes. I have just done a post on artichoke gratin (Marcella) and I have linked up to you so everyone can see your way with artichokes.

  4. healthy rulez

    it's my only freakin option...

  5. George Schurr1/21/2009

    This looks really delectable.

  6. Beautiful!

    This is something very much like a recipe in Lidia's Italy, and I have so been meaning to make it. Hooray for healthy pasta dishes!

  7. Looks wonderful! I'd love to eat this any time. Haven't tried the Barilla plus, I will check it out.

  8. I make something similar and we eat it as a sandwich instead of with pasta.

  9. mmm.. I don't know how much "Italian" is this recipe...

  10. Gaby: Thanks!
    Karen: Good idea.
    Rachel: I'll check it out!
    CEF: I feel your pain!
    George: Thank you.
    Melissa: Love Lidia.
    Kalyn: Barilla Plus is great.
    Food Hunter: Sounds great.
    Fabio: Penso che sia "Italian American"!

  11. I love turkey sausage, some brands more than others, and make this dish often. I don't usually serve it over pasta, but will next time. I like to add a little red wine to my veggies, too.

  12. Turkey sausage is quite good.Sometimes I even make my own, with fennel and red pepper. Less fat. I also keep Barilla stocked in my pantry and have been trying to eat more of it lately.
    This is a great meal you have here Elaine!