Happy Easter

I'm on vacation this week with my family (at a place that has free wireless in the lobby - always a plus) but I wanted to post something for Easter.  I obviously won't be cooking this week, but I would like to steer you to a post I wrote last year,  showing how to make the traditional Italian Easter Bread.  It's a sweet, soft and really delicious bread that I think you will love.  If you're going to someone's house for Easter, take along a few of these and they will be a hit.

Italian Easter Bread

And if you still want to make some more fun treats for Easter, hop on over to the Queen of Fabulous Treats, Bakerella, and check out her Easter Bunny Cake Pops and her Easter Chicks Cake Pops.  Both absolutely adorable.

Buona Pasqua!
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  1. Just beautiful. These remind me of something my mother used to make. Buona Pasqua.

  2. i love Easter bread. Some day I will need to try making my own.

  3. Anonymous4/09/2009

    Happy Easter to you and yours :) xox

  4. My family always makes this bread and my mom just made them today using your recipe! They came out just like your picture.....so beuaitful and tasy..Thanks for posting such a lovely tradition!

  5. Happy Easter Elaine!! Your bread looks beautiful!
    xox, Marie

  6. Ciao Chow Linda: Buona Pasqua and thank you!
    The Food Hunter: You will have fun doing it.
    Maryann: Same to you!
    Nicole & Jeff: I'm so glad you made them - aren't they fun?
    Proud: Thank you, Marie! Happy Easter!